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RF-løsninger for moderne firmaer innenfor industri sektoren | Amphenol Procom

Dekant AS er autorisert distributør av Amphenol Procom i Norge.

Learn more of our work with Utility and Industry here:

Radiocommunications play an important role in modern industry, securing the safety of workers, and allowing automated machine to machine communications for efficient control and monitoring.

Reliable radio equpiment is vital to the success of these industrial operations - and often critical to the safety of workers in dangerous environments.

In addition to presenting where our products can be helpful in this market the video also focus on our Low Profile Antenna UWTA 600-6000 and our Duplex Band Pass Filter for the 150 MHz band.

Amphenol Procom offers a wide range of antennas, combiners, filters and RF accessories for VHF and UHF industrial PMR applications, with product quality and endurance reinforced by a 70+ year history of supply in industrial and utility supply applications.

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