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Rosenberger FTTA Fiber Cable Assembly LCC IP Boot – 2F50μOM3 – LCC AOPC | Leveres av Dekant AS

  • L98D-266-XXX

  • L98D-266-5000 - 5000 mm

  • L98D-266-10000 - 10000 mm

  • L98D-266-10000 - 20000 mm

  • L98D-266-10000 - 50000 mm

  • L98D-266-75000 - 75000 mm


These fiber optic cable assemblies connect remote radio heads in telecommunication applications. The LC Uniboot connector on side A is protected with the Rosenberger IP boot, the LC uniboot on side B is covered with an AOPC. The assembly can be used indoor and outdoor. The cable is flame retardant, halogen free and UV resistant.


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Dekant AS representerer og er en godkjent partner for Rosenberger Site Solutions i Norge.​

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