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Dekant AS representer Comarcom i Norge, Sverige og Danmark.

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Dual & Triple beam VEGA for 4G / LTE 5G / CBRS 5G

  1. The VEGAs are dedicated to rural coverage, inhabited targets as well as road and railway commuters.

  2. With the VEGAs the radio designers can obtain savings in time and costs as they may be able to cover the targets with existing towers or they may need less additional towers required.

  3. The VEGAs are reaching farther and with less interference. The actual range is bigger than that implied by the gain advantage, as they are less susceptible to external interference.

  4. The VEGAs are field proven with a high number of installations in most parts of the world, including long standing installations in harsh climates like Siberia and Africa. 



"Very High Gain-VEGA-antenna is the ultimate low CAPEX tool for remote communities,Highways & Rails coverage enhancement"

"Comarcom Ltd. company has been established back in 2003 to bring the Cellular coverage arena a unique tool to enhance coverage and save on Base station towers. We are focused on developing and manufacturing a family of remarkably high gain, powerful cellular infrastructure antennas. These focus the cellular uplink and downlink signal energy in a way that results in the coverage range being up to 50% higher than with common cellular RAN antennas."

Kataloger fra Comarcom

VEGA Mx CMW12WB Data Sheet 6.21.jpg

Vega CMW-12-WB

2.1, 2.3, 2.5, 2.6, 3.5-3.8

Gain (dBi) +23 til +26+/-0.5

VEGA CP12-WB Data Sheet 11.18.jpg

Vega CP12-WB

1700-2690 MHz

Gain (dBi) +28 +/-1

VEGA Mx CMP12WB Data Sheet  5.18.jpg

Vega CMP12WB

1710-2690 MHz

Gain (dBi) +27.5 til +/-0.5

VEGA Mx CMP22WB Data Sheet  12.19.jpg

Vega CMP-22-WB

Dual Beam & Dual Polarization Dish Antenna.

1710-2690 MHz 

VEGA CP32WB Data Sheet  12.19.jpg

Vega CP32WB Triple Beam

1710-2690 MHz

Gain (dBi) +27.5 til +/-0.5

VEGA CC12-WB Data Sheet  11.18.jpg

Vega CC12-WB

690-960 MHz

Gain (dBi) +19.4 til 22.8 +/-0.5

VEGA CW12-WB Data Sheet 10.20.jpg

Vega CW12-WB

610-960 MHz

Gain (dBi) +27.5 til +/-0.5


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