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19” DC Distribution Panel up to 18 RRU´s - 1HU | Leveres av Dekant

  • SLPDU100-XX

  • 581513 NDB6AZ-63H/6/1PN

  • 581514 NDB6AZ-63H/10/1PN

  • 581515 NDB6AZ-63H/16/1PN

  • 581512 NDB6AZ-63H/20/1PN

  • 581516 NDB6AZ-63H/25/1PN

  • 581481 NDB6AZ-63H/32/1PN

  • 582094 NDB6AZ-63H/40/1PN

  • 581747 NDB6AZ-63H/50/1PN

  • 581480 NDB6AZ-63H/63/1PN


Typically installed in the base station cabinet, this 1 HU 19” distribution panel is used for DC power management. It allows for up to 18 RRUs to be connected with a separation between Primary (battery buffered) and Secondary. The left and centre slots, up to 12 circuit breakers, belong to the same circuit. The right slot, up to 6 circuit breakers, is a separate circuit. The centre slot is supplied with a cover that can be removed on site, if required. Dummy covers to protect the individual open slots are sold separately on request. Input cables are connected from the back side with M6 cable lugs. They can be fixed to the distribution panel by the use of cable ties. An M6 grounding bolt can also be found at the back of the panel. A brush has been added at the back side of the distribution panel to protect against dust and small insects. Circuit breakers are not included as a standard. They will have to be ordered separately. See below part numbers.


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