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Rosenberger | 1⁄2” JUMPER | 4.3-10 MALE / 4.3-10 MALE | Leveres av Dekant AS i Norge

  • SLJ12SF-64M64M-X-00

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SLJ12SF-64M64M-X-00_DB frnc
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This part is a coaxial cable assembly for telecommunication equipment. It consists of 1⁄2” super flexible coaxial cable with FRNC jacket and two 4.3-10 male connectors. The assembly is waterproof in mated condition and UV protected.

The assembly is available in lengths from 0.5 m to 10 m in intervals of 0.5 m. Different feet and inch lengths are available on request.


Dekant AS representerer og er en godkjent partner for Rosenberger Site Solutions i Norge.​

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