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Rosenberger | FTTA Fiber Cable Assembly | Leveres av Dekant

FTTA Fiber Cable Assembly | LCD – 9µG657 – LCD | L98B-A0899-XXX

Type Length (mm)

  • L98B-A0899-10000 10000

  • L98B-A0899-20000 20000

  • L98B-A0899-60000 60000

  • L98B-A0899-100000 100000


Rosenberger Site Solutions – Much More Than Technology

These fiber optic cable assemblies connect base stations and remote radio heads in

telecommunication applications. Both sides are equipped with LC Duplex connectors.

The main cable is steel armored.

These fiber optic cable assemblies can be used indoor and outdoor, the cable is UL listed, halogen free and UV protected.


Last ned PDF under:

Last ned PDF • 164KB


Dekant AS representerer og er en godkjent partner for Rosenberger Site Solutions i Norge.​

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