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SOLiD | DAS System for transportsektoren | Trådløse nettverk | kapasitet og dekning

Can your wireless network meet the demand for capacity and coverage in a harsh environment?
Increasingly, commuters everywhere expect seamless high-capacity wireless service as an integral part of their lives. Staff and public safety personnel also rely upon wireless networks to do their jobs and maintain a safe environment. Staying connected with business associates, friends, family and media is part of nearly everyone’s daily routine. No matter what carrier they subscribe to, a fast, dependable connection is expected throughout a subway’s harsh, subterranean environment.

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Vi kan sammen med SOLiD levere følgende systemer:

Distributed Antenna Systems:

  • ALLIANCE Multi Carrier DAS

  • EXPRESS Single-Carrier DAS

NYC Subway DAS and Wi-Fi Installation Tour - RCRtv Places NYC. Se video under:

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Dekant AS representerer og er strategisk partner for SOLiD i Norge.​


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