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Glassfibre dual-band end fed dipole antenna 410- 430MHz / 703 - 803MHz | Amphenol Procom

Dekant AS er autorisert distributør av Amphenol Procom i Norge.


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  • A rugged and durable LTE / UHF dual band omni antenna designed for Telemetry and PMR/Trunked Radio applications.

  • The S.EFD comprises two independent half-wave dipole antennas for each band, fed with a separate input for each antenna.

  • Housed inside a a high-strength glass fibre shroud, the antenna includes an integrated mounting clamp allowing easy installation on poles or horizontal rails.

  • The robust antenna design ensures reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions.

Amphenol Procom offers a wide range of antennas, combiners, filters and RF accessories for VHF and UHF industrial PMR applications, with product quality and endurance reinforced by a 70+ year history of supply in industrial and utility supply applications.

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