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New mast mountable LTE450 filter to reduce interference from DVB-T | Amphenol PROCOM

New mast mountable LTE450 filter to reduce high power interference from Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB-T)

PRO-BPF 451-466-LP

  • Covers LTE450 band 31 and 72 (451-466 MHz).

  • The filter effectively provides 40 dB rejection towards DVB-T bands below 430 MHz and above 470 MHz.

  • The unit is IP67 rated and includes a Gore valve to equalize pressure in the sealed enclosures thus providing prolonged durability.

  • The filter is PIM rated to -150 dBc and is with 4.3-10(f) connectors.

  • Mast mountable – brackets and metal strips included for mounting.

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Last ned PDF • 318KB

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