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Hvorfor velge ATEX antenner fra Amphenol Procom

ATEX is the name commonly given to the two European Directives for controlling explosive atmospheres: 99.92/EC (workplace) and 2014/34/EU (equipment). It has been mandatory to use ATEX approved equipment in environment’s such as the chemical industry, oil refineries, offshore installations, the milling industry, paint industry, mining industry etc. since July 2003. To comply with ATEX standards, Amphenol Procom ATEX antennas have to go through 20 stringent tests and certifications to meet this high exacting standards including impact, thermal endurance and ingress protection tests. antennaPRO offers more than 25 different ATEX antennas. ATEX antennas can be used for the Oil and Petrochemical industry where onboard wireless communication, paging systems, ground-to-air communication, maritime VHF communication and Wi-Fi data transmission systems are in use. Artikkel fra antennaPRO

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