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NodLine fra Amphenol. Kontakt oss for mer informajson.

Dekant representerer og er strategisk partner for Amphenol Antenna Solutions i Norge.​

Amphenol Antenna Solutions er en ledende global løsningleverandør for trådløse infrastruktursystemer.

Kontakt oss i dekant på

Are you looking for a best in class performance antenna to optimize the coverage of your network ?

Keep an eye on the NodeLine portfolio. A special and innovative platform designed for low windload impact, ready to futureproof your 5G rollout with multiple solutions on the top.

5780470 antenna is an excellent independant antenna to enhance coverage from 600 MHz to 2700 MHz with large mMIMO possibilities.

Manufactured with a wide dynamic independant tilt range in all bands, including MET overide.

Moreover, you can check out some of our products at Amphenol website :


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