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Ny ProNexus | 4x4 LTE MIMO antenne for 4G og 5G + opsjon for 3, 4, eller 6x6 MIMO + 2.4 og 5.8 GHz.

Dekant AS er autorisert distributør av Amphenol Procom i Norge.

  • In-built 4x4 MiMo LTE antenna (617 - 960 MHz and 1710 - 3800 MHz)

  • 4x4 or 6x6 MiMo WiFi 6E 2.4/4.9-7.2 GHz

  • GNSS antenna for GPS L1, Glonass, Beidou and Galileo.

  • No diplexer needed.

  • The ProNexus provides antennas for multiple technologies and multiband routers.

  • The ProNexus covers 4G, GNSS inc. 5G cellular bands, WIFI 2.4/5.8 and 7.2 GHz.

  • Full hemispherical coverage for the GNSS antennas.

  • Built-in high gain, low noise amplifier.

  • Right-Hand Circular Polarization.

  • 3 - 15 VDC for GNSS supply.

  • DC supply via GNSS RF-connector.

  • ECE R118.02 approved cable.

  • IP69K Ingress protection.

Amphenol Procom offers a wide range of antennas, combiners, filters and RF accessories for VHF and UHF industrial PMR applications, with product quality and endurance reinforced by a 70+ year history of supply in industrial and utility supply applications.

Kontakt oss i Dekant på for mer informasjon.

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