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EFD TETRA-1000/... fra Amphenol Procom

End-Fed ½ λ Dipole Antenna for TETRA Band

  • EFD TETRA-1000/l 140000610 380 - 410 MHz

  • EFD TETRA-1000/h 140000580 410 - 430 MHz


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Autorisert distributør av Amphenol Procom i Norge.

Amphenol Procom er verdensledende innen for antenne-, DAS, combiner- og filterløsninger.

Amphenol Procom består av tidligere Procom, Jaybeam og Skymast.

Med produksjon i Danmark og Storbritannia, betjener Amphenol Procom et bredt spekter av markeder som offentlig sikkerhet, luftfart, telekom, farlige miljøer, IoT, transport og industri.


The EFD TETRA-1000/... is a high-powered antenna that only emits in the upper radiator area. This ensures effective omnidirectional radiation in vehicles with higher superstructures. The antenna is counterweight-free and is therefore suitable for direct mounting on plastic roofs.

The large distance to the mounting area results in an almost perfect radiation pattern, completely independent of the mounting area.

Typical applications are commercial vehicles with box bodies, turntable ladder vehicles.

  • Flexible ½ λ TETRA-antenna (models within 380 - 430 MHz).

  • The end-fed dipole principle makes the antenna independent of ground plane.

  • The radiating part of the antenna is placed on top of a glassfibre tube with shock spring approx. 660 mm above the mounting area.

  • The large distance to the mounting area results in an almost perfect radiation, completely independent of the mounting area.

  • Permanently attached 5 m RG 58 cable with FME(female) connector.

  • Wide range of FME-accessories available.



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