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Hybrid Panel Antenne | XPA U2-L4-2.7 | Amphenol PROCOM

Dekant AS er autorisert distributør av Amphenol Procom i Norge.

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HybridLine Panel Antenna with Dual band LTE450 and LTE700/800/850 | X-Pol | 72° | 13 dBi / 16.8 dBi | Remote Electrical Tilt

This new dual band antenna is a part of our new “HybridLine” cross polarized panel antennas series covering LTE450 and LTE700/800/850. The antenna has been designed to offer a very stable radiation pattern over two separate bands of operation. This approach enables the use of the antenna for multi carrier operation, and for use where site sharing is also a requirement. The antenna features carefully selected high quality components throughout including the main housing of the antenna being made from corrosion resistant marine grade aluminium and sustainable glass fiber shroud. The antennas compact design gives very low wind loading characteristics, and combined with the low weight of the antenna, aids in the reduction of structural loading The horizontal beamwidth of the antenna has been carefully chosen to suit tri-sector installation in combined or multi-sector configurations.

  • Dual band Panel Antenna for LTE450 and LTE700/800/850.

  • 2 ports on LTE450 and 4 ports on LTE700/800/850.

  • AISG Remote electrical tilt (RET) on both bands.

  • 72° / 68° Horizontal Beamwidth, for optimal tri-sector omni pattern.

  • Fully enclosed / extruded glass fiber shroud for improved weather protection.

  • Patented internal RET actuator adds no additional length to the antenna.

Amphenol Procom offers a wide range of antennas, combiners, filters and RF accessories for VHF and UHF industrial PMR applications, with product quality and endurance reinforced by a 70+ year history of supply in industrial and utility supply applications.

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