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Log Periodic Antennas 7478000

Oppdatert: 25. sep. 2020

Wideband log periodic 690 - 2700 MHz

A shrouded directional log-periodic antenna for tunnel coverage and links in 2G/3G/4G cellular bands. All elements are enclosed in a weather resistant, glassfibre shroud to provide consistent, reliable performance in all weather conditions.

*Former Jaybeam brand product.

At Amphenol Procom we have an extensive range of products for a vast variety of RF applications. Within our product range we have many “hidden gems” that you may not be aware of – an example is the7478000 Log Periodic Antenna.

The 7478000 covers LTE bands from 690-2700MHz used in rail and road tunnels to give coverage in these dead spots. It's a shrouded directional log periodic antenna for all 2G/3G/4G cellular bands.

Fully enclosed and weather resistant, providing consistent, reliable performance. Ensuring a secure installation with a standard rear mount bracket to fix to the tunnel wall or the option of an additional mount to hold the front of the antenna too. Highly recommended when train speedy past these at 300 km/h.

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